This first release of the Adobe After Effects CS3 SDK contains updated Universal Binary sample projects, required for native operation on Intel-based Macs. All samples and documentation have been updated. Several more effects have been updated to use SmartFX messaging, which is required for 32 bit-per-channel pixel processing.
The example S3MockRuleTest demonstrates the usage of the S3MockRule, which can be configured through a builder. To use the JUnit4 Rule, use the following Maven artifact in test scope: <dependency> <groupId> com.adobe.testing </groupId> <artifactId> s3mock-junit4 </artifactId> <version>... </version> <scope> test </scope> </dependency> Using the ...
Here's an example of putting an error in: import boto3 from botocore.stub import Stubber from unittest.mock import patch import aws_mock import my_module @patch('my_module.boto3') def test_my_module(boto3): # Some prep work for the mock mode boto3.client = aws_mock.client conn = boto3.client('s3') conn.create_bucket(Bucket='my-bucket') # Actual testing resp = assert(resp == 'Valid') resp = assert(resp != 'Not Valid') # Etc, etc, etc
Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is a service for storing large amounts of unstructured object data, such as text or binary data. This article explains how to access AWS S3 buckets by mounting buckets using DBFS or directly using APIs.